8 Tips When Travelling For CaRMS Interviews

8 Tips When Travelling For CaRMS Interviews

Save where you can

This is probably the most expensive part of your training, (aside from tuition and accommodation.)
Some students have spent upwards of 10-15k on interviewing.



1. Set Up Separate Alerts Email

Avoid clutter in your professional or everyday email and set up a “Junk” email account for travel alerts.
By strictly using a separate email for travel alerts, informational emails and promotions, you’ll prevent getting important emails lost in the mix.

Example:  “JaneCaRMS2018@Gmail.com





2. Know your MD/student discount rights:

Sign up for your Medical professional and student association’s discount cards. From clothing to travel and maybe a good meal, there are so many student  privileges out there – take advantage of them!




International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Sign up for your ISIC student discount card (International Student Identity Card) for travel discounts etc and Retail stores.

Visit Site



Student Price Card (SPC)

Canadian Deals Sign up (10$ a year) and get great discounts on clothing, food, services (15% HBC Top Shop, Banana Republic, Aldo etc ) Get your interview outfits at a discount.

Visit Site



Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS)

CFMS has negotiated discounts for various hotels etc.

Visit Site



Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

As a member you have discounts for car rentals, hotels, travel. (Call or email for discount code)

Visit Site






3. Get Air Travel Discount Alerts

For potential or confirmed destinations, setting up air travel alerts for Flash Sales/unadvertised deals can save you more than you think.


Here are some of our favourites:



Airfare Watchdog

This site has been around for a long time. You can search current deals, cheapest months to travel, specific destinations. Canadian Airlines included.

Visit Site




Canadian Airfare deals only

This website allows you to pick departure city, Montréal, Quebec, Toronto,

 Vancouver, NYC. sign up for alerts, and view by map, month of travel for current airfare deals. Bargain Charts and Calendars make your current search easier.

Visit Site




Canadian founder

Set your city alert and find deals for destinations and departure point.

Visit Site





4. Set Up Flight Status Alerts

Download your airlines app and get your travel alerts set!!!!


In January our climate lends itself to delays, cancellations, so it’s important to have a plan B.  Signing up for alerts will give you news of a cancelled or delayed flights right away. Often before the gate staff, so you can be the first to the customer care centre to seek alternative travel.


Air Canada

Visit Site



Visit Site


West Jet

Visit Site



Regional flight pass Deals

Sometimes it is worth looking at flight passes if your interviews are within a particular region.

Some good examples are:


Air Canada

Visit Site



Visit Site



International flight tracker

Keep track of your flights and average delays for each route

Visit Site



Know Your Air Travel Rights

KNOW THEM!! Know your rights regarding delayed flights, late luggage arrival.

Some Visa cards (if you purchase your ticket with it) give you great compensation for these delays, either with accommodation, food, and/or stipend for clothing, depending on the challenge.




Your trusty MDMGMT backpack is a known signal throughout Canada as a “traveling medical student”. Use it to carry on your most important assets (Clothes, Notes, Medication).





5. Call your cell phone provider

You use data while on the fly so don’t go broke over data roaming or texting. Call your provider and get an upgrade on your plan for the few weeks of traveling.





6. Catch the train or bus


Train – Via Rail

Visit Site



Bus- Greyhound 

Visit Site





7. Rent a Car


Rental Car

Visit Site


Car Rentals

Visit Site


Costco Travel

Visit Site


CMA (call for code)

Visit Site





8. Accomodations



We have a slot to list your own place for CaRMS Interviewees coming to town.

Visit Site



Some other opportunities to start your search:



Visit Site



Visit Site



Short term rentals

Visit Site


BBC Canada

Bed and Breakfasts

Visit Site





CMA Discounts for hotels

Visit Site


Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)

Offers discounts at many well-known hotels/motels.

Visit Site




Best resource – other students:

Seek out your home med school grads now @ PGY1 (R1), and see if they are willing to host/welcome CaRMS tour interviewees in their new placement town.

Check out their grad class Facebook page and maybe post an “accommodation wanted” note.





Frequent flyer plans: some family and friends may have accumulated thousands of points and may be all to happy to help you out. Offer to pay them per point used.





Look after yourself



Appointments on arrival to town. Book these in advance by calling hotel for names of local hair salons or barbers. Nothing more relaxing than a head massage after travel, before the social or interview.


Has locations in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Sign up for discounts and vouchers

Visit Site





Make sure you have a good manicure before you start the beat. No need for polish Ladies, or if you must, just a simple French Manicure.

If you are a nail biter, get French shellac nail manicures starting now. By Mid Jan they should look great.




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