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Please read the full ad below – lots of info!

Happy to jump on a Zoom/Face-time call to showcase the room & house while we’re in lockdown for safety. Can set-up an in-person meeting once things are better/if we’re safe about it.

Am also happy to provide better photos as needed separately, as “Max. File Size: 2MB per image” caused some cropping/blurriness.

Initial Details:

  1. Rent:
    1. Main Bedroom is available at $800.00 per month.
    2. First and Last month required upfront. Rent is payed on the first of the month, each month.
    3. Rent duration can be discussed, though generally options are:
      1. Four Months, Six Months, Eight Months, Twelve Months
    4. All-inclusive – All Utilities are covered in rent (Heat / AC / Water / Hydro), including Internet. No other additional fees, unless you cause damage / break stuff.
  2. Bedroom:
    1. The bedroom can be furnished if needed. Can include all or any of the following: Queen mattress, bed frame, large dresser, one side table.
    2. Has a decent two-door closet with shelf built-in.
    3. Comes with curtains for windows, though can be removed if preferred.
  3. Kitchen:
    1. To be shared between everyone, with cabinets / shelves/ fridge / freezer space to be determined upon move-in and reviewed as needed.
    2. Fully stocked with: Plates, Cutlery, Glasses, General Appliances (oven/microwave/toaster/dishwasher/fridge), etc.
    3. You are totally welcome to bring / add your own items (wine glasses, blender, kettle, etc)
  4. Living room:
    1. Available for use. This is a shared area.
    2. Great place to relax, read a book, work on computer – mainly a place for conversation.
  5. Bathroom:
    1. There is a main-floor bathroom for tenant use only.
    2. As there is possibly another bedroom being rented out, it will be shared between yourself and one other. I have a separate bathroom in basement.
    3. Has two separated sinks with drawers for separated personal storage (double vanity – see picture).
    4. Can be inspected / cleaned by myself weekly if needed, to ensure cleanliness and space being respected etc.
  6. Laundry:
    1. There is a new washer and dryer machine available in-house.
    2. Will have weekly use, with a dedicated date and time being determined upon move-in and reviewed as needed. Can understand complex schedules and work hours.
    3. There is an iron and ironing board as well.
    4. There is a large clothesline just outside the backdoor for use of air-drying if needed.
  7. Parking:
    1. One designated off-street parking spot in private driveway.
    2. Guests are to park on the street, unless you ask myself first.
  8. Requirements / Requests:
    1. Will require two references upfront (professional and personal – preferably your current workplace and your current/previous landlord). Please have these prepared.
    2. This is a non-smoking home. Whether that be regular cigarettes or something more. If you smoke anything, do not reach out – I have zero tolerance for it legal or not. If there’s a medical issue/reason, let me know.
    3. (Pre-pandemic) You are either Working full-time, a Graduate/Medical student.

Basic background:

  • I am a young professional male who’s currently working full-time from home (though usually down-town London). I have couple bedrooms available for rent in my home that I care deeply for, and am looking for other mature people to share it with. This ad only lists the primary room, though if interested in either lower rent/a different room, please reach out!

Additional Details:

  • Owner Occupied
  • Directly on #4 City Bus Route
  • If you have a lot of belongings that can’t fit in the room, can also rent out part of the basement as storage. If you’re looking for more office / bedroom space, can discuss renting another room as well.
  • If you need space to exercise/stretch/yoga etc, can also rent out part of the basement. There is a space to put up gym-style mirrors if you’d like
  • Have a large backyard that’s fairly private, available for use year-round.
  • Not really for those who like to party / entertain large groups of guest often. This is a fairly quiet home that is fairly modern and clean (recently reno’d). Perfect spot to work and save money, and to focus on yourself and close guests.
  • I work the regular day-shift, so if you’re a night-shift worker it may be difficult – we can discuss.
Price local currency : $800
Listing Type : Furnished
Air Conditioned
Child Friendly
Near Med. School
Near Public Transit
Near Shopping
Parking Available
Pets Allowed
Some Utilities Included
WiFi Included
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